AESCULAP Exacta klippemaskin

Aesculap Exacta Cordless Trimmer

This Exacta Cordless Trimmer from Aesculap is not to be confused with other smaller trimmers on the market. This trimmer is made to a very high standard that you would expected from Aesculap. The stronger motor features a Lithium-ion battery which offers a run-time of 90-120 minutes and a recharge time of 90 minutes - perfect for the professional busy salon. The LED light display flashes while charging and turns a solid green when fully charged. The smaller 24mm wide blade is perfect for precise trimming and for intricate areas such as faces and paws. You will find this trimmer particularly useful on smaller breeds.


  • Lithium-ion Battery Technology
  • 90-120 Minutes Run Time
  • 90 Minute Quick Charge
  • Stronger Motor 3.6V
  • Weight 247g (Incl. Battery and Blade)
  • 24mm Cutting Width and 0.5mm Cutting Length
  • Latest Generation Circuit Board
  • New LED Display
  • Comes with UK and EU plug

The charging station included is compatible with the previous models; can also be used for the models with NiMh batteries.

Note: This trimmer comes with a 12-month warranty.